Life With Lucy



Welcome to the Last fan site for Lucille Ball's last sitcom, "Life With Lucy"!


Lucille Barker decides to move in with her daughter, Margo, and her son, Ted, who happens to be the son of Lucy's new business partner, Curtis McGibbons. Lucy has to deal with Curtis' hatred tword her, and have fun with her grandkids, Becky & Kevin.


Lucille Ball            as       Lucy Barker

Gale Gordon         as       Curtis McGibbons

Ann Dusenberry    as       Margo Barker McGibbons

Larry Anderson     as       Ted McGibbons

Jenny Lewis         as       Becky McGibbons

Phillip J. Amelio II as       Kevin McGibbons

Donovan Scott      as       Leonard Stoner


  • This is Lucille Balls only sitcom to air on ABC (all of her others aired on CBS)
  • Lucille Ball was 75 and Gale Gordon was 80 when this was filmed.
  • This is the only sitcom in which Lucy's husband's name is mentioned. It is Sam.
  • This is the only sitcom where Lucy's children are grown up.
  • Lucy veteran writers, Bob Caroll, Jr. & Madilyn Pugh, returned to write & produce this sitcom.
  • Jenny Lewis became a singer later on.
  • This is the only sitcom where Vivian Vance dosn't appear in. She died in 1979.
  • Vance was replaced with Audrey Medows.